Foods we weren’t meant to Eat! Percy Weston

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Foods we weren’t meant to eat!

Tips on how to beat cancer, from 100-year-old farmer Percy Weston

We were not designed for this! These bodies we live in were Not designed for foods saturated with preservatives, antibiotics, artificial flavours, chemical fertilisers, pesticides and hormones, the doctor warned.

Nor were our bodies designed for foods with an altered molecular structure—- foods ruined by irradiation, microwave cooking, deep frying or scalding high temperatures (over cooked), according to David A Darbro MD. He wrote this in his foreword to a “commonsense guide for eliminating sickness through nutrition” a decade ago. Sixty years earlier a well-read farmer named Percy George Weston had a similar line of thought. A keen-eyed, diminutive dynamo who rarely became sick, found at the age of 31, in the prime of life, he was burnt out and drained of energy. His doctor diagnosed anemia.

Weston wondered if the typical Australian diet was to blame, perhaps lacking in certain mineral elements. Investigation revealed the pattern. His staple foods-such as porridge, bacon and eggs, meats, bread, beans, macaroni, pork, white rice, potatoes and tomatoes-contained a greater abundance of acid minerals such as phosphorus and chlorine than alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Was this constant diet making his body too acid to function properly? He suspected his growing the vegetables in a field that he regularly fertilized with superphosphate (to please Virginian leaf tobacco buyers), had made matters worse. He knew from his field experiments that “constant use of super-soluble phosphatic fertilizers could skew the take-up of minerals and trace elements in food crops, producing mineral-poor foods,” as he was to write in his book Cancer: Cause & Cure. Nature’s Secret Exposed (Bookbin) first published in 2001.

Percy Weston made a full and rapid recovery by switching to a set of foods with abundant alkaline minerals, including fruits and vegetables from his father’s organic orchard. He became convinced of the need to formulate a cellular dietary supplement to neutralise acids in the body and to correct mineral imbalances in the food chain.

The Spur to its development came with a bout of arthritis in his forties, when he was able to put his studies of crop nutrition and observation of mineral preferences of sheep to good advantage. A largely vegetarian diet and the new mineral supplement worked wonders. It was the beginning. The fine-tuning of the formula was to take decades.

Concerns about health drove him on, especially important after World War 2 when agricultural chemicals flooded on to the market and he was advised by “experts” to use them.

Yet when he did so, he had problems with insect infestation and animal mortality. For the district as a whole, the cancer rate was rising. Finally he came down with cancer himself. Self-reliance was the name of the game as he had few financial resources and felt he could no longer trust the scientific community and doctors, whose advice so often turned out to be wrong.

He cured himself with diet and the mineral powder.

As the fame of his Diet and Mineral supplement for humans spread, especially after dramatic recoveries from cancer of family and friends, documented in the book – Cancer Cause & Cure, he became very busy on his sheep and walnut farm at Eurobin, Victoria, Australia, opposite Mt Buffalo National Park. Hundreds of entries in his visitors’ book are testimony to this. They came to buy Percy’s mineral powder and they listened to his advice as one who speaks with authority on the subject.

Three years into the 21st Century, centenarian Percy, as few others could look back to a time when commercially grown fruits and vegetables possessed home grown qualities of distinct flavour and freshness. There were more varieties and flavours of apples available before the era of atomic weapon testing and the ages of mass production. Farmers had fewer problems with insects before chemists unleashed potent pesticides that killed both prey and predator and the chemical companies upset the biological balance of the soil web with new super-soluble fertilizers. Grazing animals thrived on natural pastures in good country that was not over-stocked and thereby not quickly depleted of trace minerals. Most of Percy’s father’s generation led active lives into their 70s and well beyond without succumbing to cancer, arthritis, diabetes, obesity and many other “modern” metabolic and degenerative diseases.

Percy’s advice is, we eat “living food”, i.e. organic food, preferably, freshly picked. You can tell the difference. High-quality produce gives you energy and you need less of it to feel replete. It is rich in minerals and will not readily rot. It will only dehydrate. Percy Weston saw from nature what man was doing wrong and provided a practical and affordable way to check disease and maintain wellness. He grew most of his food in good soil by organic methods and supplemented with sprinklings of his mineral formula that ionizes in water (Percy’s Powder®), or better still, the powder stirred into a glass of cold water with juice of half a lemon. The mixture-key electrolytes present in exact ratios of bioavailable sulphates- is now made available to all.

Added with the permission of Percy Weston